Gold Award

The Great British Exposition™ Gold Award recognises and promotes those supplier organisations that make a positive contribution to raising the standards and competitiveness of British industry.

Gold Award recipients have demonstrated a sustained commitment to product innovation and customer service excellence.

Economic outperformance requires a world-class supply-chain. Gold Award Suppliers are your first choice to help deliver this performance.

For more information on eligibility for a Gold Award, please see FAQ 10 on

Gold Award Suppliers 2014/2015

  • Intelecom
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Intradiem
  • KANA
  • Knowledge Powered Solutions
  • Magnetic North
  • NewVoiceMedia
  • Noble Systems
  • Noetica
  • ONI
  • Storacall
  • Verint
  • Webhelp UK
  • WhosOn